Monday , August 2 2021
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Joey Votto Signed a Ball for a Young Fan After Ejection: “Sorry I didn’t play the whole game”

Joey Votto was ejected in the top of the first inning of Saturday’s Cincinnati Reds – San Diego Padres game. Reds manager David Bell and a Padres fan followed him. It was a whole thing. Almost lost in all this was the fact that there was a young Reds fan named Abigail at her first MLB game who was heartbroken when Votto, her favorite player, got tossed before he even got to put on his glove.

The Reds organization was all over this and for once the power and immediacy of social media was used for good. Before the game was over Abigail had an autographed Joey Votto baseball that came with one of the funniest inscriptions you will ever see.

“I am sorry I didn’t lay the entire game. – Joey Votto”

I understand how frustrated Votto must have been, but I hope he was able to appreciate how great a moment this turned into.

It’s incredible how easy it is to turn around an entire day like this. Good for Votto, the Reds, and most importantly, Abigail.

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