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Judge Rules Trump Coup Architect John Eastman Should Be Disbarred

A California Judge has ruled that Trump coup architect John Eastman should be disbarred and lose his law license.

Politico reported:

A California judge on Wednesday recommended the disbarment of John Eastman, calling to revoke the law license of one of former President Donald Trump’s top allies in his failed last-ditch gambit to subvert the 2020 election.

Judge Yvette Roland, who presided over months of testimony and argument about the basis of Eastman’s fringe legal theories, ruled that the veteran conservative attorney violated ethics rules — and even potentially criminal law — when he advanced Trump’s efforts to overturn the election results based on weak or discredited claims of fraud.

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“Given the serious and extensive nature of Eastman’s unethical actions, the most severe available professional sanction is warranted to protect the public and preserve the public confidence in the legal system,” Roland ruled.

Eastman was the architect of the fake elector scheme and the plot to block the certification of the 2020 presidential election. According to testimony before the 1/6 Committee, John Eastman knew that the coup plot was illegal, and he know what he was trying to do to keep Trump in power was against the law, but he assumed that the Supreme Court would allow Trump to get away with a coup and stay in power.

Disbarment for his actions related to Trump’s attempted coup should send the message along with Jeffrey Clark’s possible disbarment that what Trump and his crew tried to do in 2020 was illegal.

While it can seem like there are no consequences for Trump and his accomplices, consequences are coming, and disbarment is one of those consequences for participating in an attempted coup.

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