Thursday , January 20 2022
Lydia Forson labeled 'hypocrite' for failing to publicly condemn Shatta Wale's rape comment

Lydia Forson labeled ‘hypocrite’ for failing to publicly condemn Shatta Wale’s rape comment

The Tweet has so far been condemned publicly by many on social media and whilst tweeps expect the Ghanaian actress to do the same as she does to others, she shared a tweet to say that she spoke to Shatta Wale on phone about it.

Just got of the phone with @shattawalegh -we spoke at length about his tweets, especially on rape. It’s been a long conversation. Whiles we’re not entirely on the same page(hopefully we will be eventually)it was important to me that I spoke to him about this; he listened“.

She continued that “I was very deliberate about my tweet because and didn’t want to say too much because I understand how easily people run with things here. The rape tweets from both sides triggered me( I’ve stated as much) It’s wasn’t enough to just tweet it- I needed a conversation“.

Justifying her reason for not blocking or calling out Shatta Wale, she added that “last on this-those tweets were problematic, triggering to say the least. I tweeted as much. (for those who care to go through) But if you have access to anyone, you believe has disturbing views, you go beyond registering your displeasure online- you say it to them too!“.

However, her justification has fallen short in the eyes of Netizens who have been slamming her for being a hypocrite.

You spoke to him so what?. He should be forgiven?. I don’t get the import of this tweet. You should probably be directing the Police to him for questioning. Or the lady involved doesn’t need some saving because you know Wale? And so talking to him is enough to let the issue slide?” a Twitter user, @Mister_Glen, replied Lydia Forson.

Another @QwesiMingle said, “if ebi any other person like Lydia Forson go come write long essay and be ranting for here but as ebi Shatta Wale dier she call am talk to him. Hypocrite Lydia Forson“.

See other tweets below for what Netizens have been saying about Lydia Forson’s approach to the issue.

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