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How to know when your friends have high-functioning depression

Mental health awareness: here are 5 clear symptoms of depression

People who are always feeling not in the mood, who’d rather mope around the house and feel sorry for one’s self are the best example of this symptom of depression.

speaking of feeling sorry for one’s self, another common symptom of depression is when a person feels like he/she has nothing to look forward to in his or her life. As for being the perennial pessimist, those who show this symptom of depression are usually very negative about things, again, the feeling of hopelessness comes to mind.

Other symptoms of depression that can be easily seen in people who prefer to mope around all day long are these. Whenever a person feels so guilty over something, that makes one a very sad person who feels like he or she doesn’t deserve to be happy. Thus, the loss of self-worth, if that person feels like he or she isn’t worthy of being happy or enjoying one’s self then that’s a clear tell-tale symptom of depression. Helplessness also contributes to being depressed, when assuming that things won’t simply go your way, it’s already a clear saying that you have absolutely no hope in your body at all.

Isn’t interested in finding or taking pleasure; just dropping the hobbies as well as the other things that one used to enjoy: this tell-tale symptom of depression just shows how depressed a person can be, if one is too sad to take pleasure even in the very things that one loves then that person is seriously lacking something, rather, that person might well have caught the depression bug.

People suffering from depression, since they’ve lost whatever interest in life that they may have had before are lacking physical energy at all times, if one would prefer to just mope around, probably won’t even eat not get enough sleep, a depressed person may well be on their way to not just a mental illness but depression can be terrible for one’s physical health as well.

A person who is suffering from depression easily gives away this tell-tale symptom of depression. One’s lack of interest with regards to the outside world or for just about anything for that matter can lead to that person’s inability to lose track of things and not be able to remember things that happened or what other people said. Lack of interest makes depressed people very inattentive.

More symptoms of depression can help you see if a person (or you) needs to be brought to the doctor to get some help when it comes to depression: lacking sleep, sleeping too much or waking up at the wee hours of the morning are all symptoms of depression (if it happens daily), appetite loss as well as eating too much may show one’s lack of enthusiasm for life. Be wary of sudden weight loss or weight gain in those around you. Being suicidal, talking about death, about wanting to die is another clear indication that that person is depressed. Being restless and irritable and physical symptoms that are usually brought about by poor mental health such as headaches, digestive disorders and various body pains.

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