Micah Parsons Says He Refused to Go On 'Undisputed' Because of Who Skip Bayless Was

Micah Parsons Says He Refused to Go On 'Undisputed' Because of Who Skip Bayless Was

Wednesday, January 31 marked the first episode of Micah Parsons’ podcast since the Dallas Cowboys got blown out at home against the Green Bay Packers in the first round of the NFL playoffs. Obviously quite a bit has happened in the football world in the three weeks since his last pod but Parsons wanted to take time out of his day to address Skip Bayless. Specifically, the tweet Bayless sent in the immediate aftermath of the Cowboys’ defeat calling out Parsons for his podcast.

Bayless is the biggest Cowboys cheerleader in sports media but when he gets mad at them he gets real catty with his words. This struck the wrong chord with Parsons, who has apparently been thinking about this for weeks and revealed to the world that Bayless asked him to come on Undisputed and the All-Pro refused because of who Bayless was and his “bad ties.”

That’s one way to fire back. Parsons obviously isn’t the only athlete to refuse a Bayless booking request, especially after that whole Julio Jones thing from a few years ago. But I’m pretty sure he’s the only one to publicly declare as such, and to do so as a shot back at Bayless for the criticism he loves to hand out. There are probably a few players who are happy to see it, too.

This is ultimately a win for Bayless because he’ll be able to get hours of content out of this simple exchange. But it probably felt good for Parsons and that is what matters for him.

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