Michael McCaul Tells Darrell Issa 'Go F--k Yourself' During Congressional Hearing

Michael McCaul Tells Darrell Issa 'Go F–k Yourself' During Congressional Hearing

During a congressional hearing on Tuesday, two Republican members got into a spat that punctuated with one of them telling the other, “Go f–k yourself.” Yes, that’s a thing that actually happened between two government employees during a Foreign Affairs Committee hearing. I’m so glad the adults are in charge.

Here’s video of the incident:

Yeah that’s pretty clear. Issa seemed to be going on and on when it was another member’s turn, then rather than shut up he kept talking. McCaul lost his cool and was caught on a hot mic.

After the hearing, McCaul apologized for losing his temper:

To be fair to McCaul, Issa, who represents the 48th district in California, is really annoying and has that wormy, fake politician smile plastered across his punchable face at all times. I’d lose my temper working with that guy too.

McCaul, who is the chair of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, represents Texas’ 10th district and has been in Congress since 2005. To my knowledge, this is the first time he’s told someone “Go f–k yourself” on the hallowed grounds of the Capitol.

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