Mike Tolbert Broke the Panthers Hype Drum

Mike Tolbert Broke the Panthers Hype Drum

The Carolina Panthers hosted the Green Bay Packers on Sunday. The home team was just trying to muster up some positive energy as they limp to the end of an atrocious season that has no light at the end of it given they owe their first-round pick to the Chicago Bears. The Packers needed to leave with a win in order to stay in the NFL Wild Card race and played like it, entering the fourth quarter up multiple scores.

This did not deter the Panthers from trying to get the crowd’s energy up. To accomplish this they got former Carolina running back Mike Tolbert down to the sideline to bang on the big drum the team has (for some reason). However, much like this entire season, things went sideways for the Panthers and Tolbert broke the drum entirely after banging it once.

It was extremely funny and Tolbert’s reaction made it even better.

The “Keep Pounding” embossed on the drum is tremendous. Tolbert certainly tried!

That pretty much sums up the 2023 Carolina Panthers season, doesn’t it?

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