Moment man falls 40 feet onto police car after climbing building for 'drugs stash' (video)

Moment man falls 40 feet onto police car after climbing building for

This is the shocking moment a man fell 40 feet onto a police car and landed on the concrete road after climbing a building for a “drugs stash”. 


The alleged drug dealer was trying to escape from police when he decided to jump from an apartment building in northern Brazil on Sunday night, May 12. 


In response to the arrest of a teenager for drug-related offences in Marechal Floriano, the Espirito Santo Military Police launched an operation targeting neighbourhood drug dealers.


Authorities apprehended a 17-year-old youth carrying cocaine as he was making his way to the building to sell it to a 31-year-old man. The officers then had their attention drawn to a noise coming from an apartment building.


When they looked up at a window on the third floor, they saw two men attempting to escape.


One of the individuals involved jumped out, landed on the rear-view window of the police SUV and quickly ran away. But the escape didn’t work out as well for his 26-year-old accomplice. 


In footage captured on a smart phone video, he is seen trying to climb down before losing his balance and hitting his head on the window.


He ended up on the floor beside the police car.


Moment man falls 40 feet onto police car after climbing building for


The unnamed suspect was quickly taken to Dr. Arthur Gerhardt Hospital by the Military Police for treatment of trauma. He was then moved to São Lucas Hospital and handed over to the police.


The suspect will be moved to a nearby jail once he is fit and ready to leave. 


During the home search cops seized 295 crack rocks, 45 packages of cocaine, 10 grams of crack and 189 grams of cocaine paste, as well as $116.


The man who was supposedly meeting the teenager to buy drugs was released as cops lacked sufficient evidence to accuse him of actually making the purchase. 


Meanwhile the teen admitted to drug trafficking in a logbook and was released to his family.


Watch a video from the scene below.




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