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NBA: Adidas Brand Claps Back At Kevin Durant On Social Media

There was an interesting interaction on Twitter/X on Friday morning, and it involved one of the biggest NBA social media presences in Kevin Durant.

NBA War Of Words On Friday Morning On Twitter/X

Minnesota Timberwolves wing Anthony Edwards is becoming one of the biggest young stars in the league. He has improved in each of his three full seasons, and has seen his scoring output increase to 26.2 points per game, putting him just outside the current top-10. He has one of the most electrifying styles of play that there is, and has been capturing the attention of fans around the league despite playing in a city and for a team that has a bit less exposure than those in Los Angeles, New York, and Miami.

Edwards now has his own signature shoe, too. He is an Adidas athlete, and will have the adidas AE1 shoe releasing on December 16th.

When promoting the shoe, Edwards was asked in an interview which NBA player he would like to see put on his shoe and wear on the court. He is quick to answer with Kevin Durant’s name, and reiterates to the interviewer that he would like to see KD wear the shoes in a game, not just during a practice.

Back And Forth Between Kevin Durant And Adidas

The Twitter/X account @NiceKicks posted the video and tagged Durant in it, and it didn’t take long for the Suns superstar to repsond.

Won’t ever see me put a big toe in them Mfers

Durant is a Nike athlete, and was likely simply playing up to the rivalry between the two shoe companies. But the official Adidas account caught wind of the tweet, and fired off their own, in a post that is now deleted:

u dusty bouta retire soon anyway

It was humorous and quite a low blow from an official account, especially one representing a company as large as Adidas. The tweet circulated and spread like wildfire, but it was promptly deleted and is no longer visible.

There doesn’t seem to be any noticeable beef or issues between Durant and Edwards, and the back and forth is likely just harmless banter between two NBA players.

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