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NBA: Draymond Green Rips League's New Minimum Game Rule

The NBA implemented some new guidelines at the beginning of the season, which were aimed at cutting down on load management. In order to combat the growing issue, the league mandated that players participate in at least 65 of their scheduled 82 games in order to be eligible for postseason awards.

New NBA Policy Affecting Players League-Wide

Now, as we enter the second half of the season, there are some players who are in serious danger of having their rights to MVP and All-Pro honors stripped from them, and drastic measures are now being taken in order for them to try and hit the required number of 65.

One of the biggest names that is being affected is Joel Embiid. The 76ers center was well on his way to winning his second-straight NBA MVP award, listed as the betting favorite while leading the league in scoring. But an unexpected knee ailment popped up before a game against the Nuggets last Saturday, and he was forced to miss two in a row.

They marked the 11th and 12th missed games of the season for Embiid, putting him in danger of losing out on his rights to the MVP award. He would be allowed to sit out just 5 of the remaining 37 contests if he hoped to keep his eligibility.

Draymond Green Comments On The New Rule

So when his 76ers took on the Golden State Warriors on a national broadcast on Tuesday, it was pretty clear that Embiid had forced himself to play though injury, as he was clutching at and favoring his knee throughout the evening.

One of his opponents in that game, Draymond Green, had the following to say on his podcast about the situation:

Joel playing tonight felt very much because of the 65 game limit, which I think is quite bullsh*t…You get Joel, he comes out there tonight and he forces it…Now we got one of our premier faces of the league, the MVP of our league, possible hurt for an extended period of time.

Other notable players around the league that are nearing the 17 games threshold include Donovan Mitchell, Tyrese Haliburton, and Devin Booker.

It isn’t just the simple honor of taking home trophies that most players are worried about. Many players around the league have performance-based clauses in their contracts, some of which are award and honor-driven, meaning that missing games now means missing out on money.

Embiid’s status for Philadelphia’s game in Utah on Thursday is unknown.

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