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NFL Head-to-Head Stats For Week 17: Fixtures & Money Line Betting For Bank Holiday Games

It’s NFL week 17 this coming Bank Holiday weekend with a stack more games on Monday (January 2nd 2023). We give you the match head-to-head records, which can give you another betting angle into each fixture, a key match stat and also the latest Money Line betting.

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NFL Week Head-to-Heads Stats Week 17 Fixtures and Money Line Betting

See below all of the NFL week 17 fixtures and their head-to-head records (based on all regular season and postseason games)

Chicago Bears @ Detroit Lions 1pm Sun 2nd Jan 2nd

Played: 185 times
Chicago Bears Wins: 104
Detriot Lions Wins: 76
Tied: 5
Last Met: Nov 13 2022, Detroit Lions 31 @ Chicago Bears 30
Key Stat: Chicago Bears have won their last four away games at Detriot Lions

Bet Money Line Play

Chicago Bears

+210 Bovada Logo

Detroit Lions

-250 Bovada Logo

Jacksonville Jaguars @ Houston Texans 1pm Sun Jan 2nd

Played: 41 times
Jacksonville Jaguars Wins: 13
Houston Texans Wins: 28
Tied: 0
Last Met: Oct 9, 2022, Houston Texans 13 @ Jacksonville Jaguars 6
Key Stat: Houston Texans have won their last 9 games vs Jacksonville Jaguars

Bet Money Line Play

Jacksonville Jaguars

-200 Bovada Logo

Houston Texans

+170 Bovada Logo

Cleveland Browns @ Washington Commanders 1pm Sun Jan 2nd

Played: 47 times
Cleveland Browns Wins: 34
Washington Commanders Wins: 12
Tied: 1
Last Met: Sept 27, 2020 Washington Football Team 20 @ Cleveland Browns 34
Key Stat: Washington have won 4 of their last 6 vs Cleveland

Bet Money Line Play

Cleveland Browns

+110 Bovada Logo

Washington Commanders

-130 Bovada Logo

Denver Broncos @ Kansas City Chiefs 1pm Sun Jan 2nd

Played: 125 times
Denver Broncos Wins: 55
Kansas City Chiefs Wins: 70
Tied: 0
Last Met: Dec 11, 2022, Kansas City Chiefs 34 @ Denver Broncos 28
Key Stat: Kansas City Chiefs have won their last 14 vs Denver Broncos

Bet Money Line Play

Denver Broncos

+525 Bovada Logo

Kansas City Chiefs

-800 Bovada Logo

Miami Dolphins @ New England Patriots 1pm Sun Jan 2nd

Played: 114 times
Miami Dolphins Wins: 60
New England Patriots Wins: 54
Tied: 0
Last Met: Sept 11, 2022, New England Patriots 7 @ Miami Dolphins
Key Stat: Miami Dolphins have won their last 4 vs New England Patriots

Bet Money Line Play

Miami Dolphins

+130 Bovada Logo

New England Patriots

-150 Bovada Logo

Arizona Cardinals @ Atlanta Falcons 1pm Sun Jan 2nd

Played: 32 times
Arizona Cardinals Wins: 17
Atlanta Falcons Wins: 15
Tied: 0
Last met: Oct 13, 2019 Atlanta Falcons 33 @ Arizona Cardinals 34
Key Stat: Falcons have won their last 9 home games vs Cardinals

Bet Money Line Play

Arizona Cardinals

+155 Bovada Logo

Atlanta Falcons

-180 Bovada Logo

Indianapolis Colts @ New York Giants 1pm Sun Jan 2nd

Played: 19 times
Indianapolis Colts Wins: 12
New York Giants Wins: 7
Tied: 0
Last Met: Dec 23, 2018 New York Giants 27 @ Indianapolis Colts 28
Key Stat: Indianapolis Colts have won their last 4 vs New York Giants

Bet Money Line Play

Indianapolis Colts

+210 Bovada Logo

New York Giants

-250 Bovada Logo

New Orleans Saints @ Philadelphia Eagles 1pm Sun Jan 2nd

Played: 34 times
New Orleans Saints Wins: 15
Philadelphia Eagles Wins: 19
Tied: 0
Last Met: Nov 21, 2021 New Orleans Saints 29 @ Philadelphia Eagles
Key Stat: Eagles have won their last 3 home games vs New Orleans Saints

Bet Money Line Play

New Orleans Saints

+235 Bovada Logo

Philadelphia Eagles

-285 Bovada Logo

Carolina Panthers @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers 1pm Sun Jan 2nd

Played: 44 times
Carolina Panthers Wins: 25
Tampa Bay Buccaneers Wins: 19
Tied: 0
Last Met: Oct 23, 2022 Tampa Bay Buccaneers 3 @ Carolina Panthers 21
Key Stat: Tampa have won 4 of their last 5 vs Carolina Panthers

Bet Money Line Play

Carolina Panthers

+145 Bovada Logo

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

-170 Bovada Logo

San Francisco 49ers @ Las Vegas Raiders 4:05pm Sun Jan 2nd

Played: 14 times
San Francisco 49ers Wins: 7
Las Vegas Raiders Wins: 7
Tied: 0
Last Met: Nov 1, 2018 Oakland Raiders 3 @ San Francisco 49ers 34
Key Stat: 49ers have won 4 of their last 5 vs Las Vegas Raiders

Bet Money Line Play

San Francisco 49ers

-500 Bovada Logo

Las Vegas Raiders

+360 Bovada Logo

New York Jets @ Seattle Seahawks 4:05pm Sun Jan 2nd

Played: 20 times
New York Jets Wins: 8
Seattle Seahawks Wins: 12
Tied: 0
Last Met: Dec 13, 2020 New York Jets 3 @ Seattle Seahawks 40
Key Stat: Seahawks have won their last 4 vs New York Jets

Bet Money Line Play

New York Jets

-125 Bovada Logo

Seattle Seahawks

+105 Bovada Logo

Minnesota Vikings @ Green Bay Packers 4:25pm Sun Jan 2nd

Played: 124
Minnesota Vikings Wins: 57
Green Bay Packers Wins: 64
Tied: 3
Last Met: Sept 11 2022, Gren Bay Packers 7 @ Minnesota Vikings 23
Key Stat: Viking have won 3 of their last 4 vs Green Bay

Bet Money Line Play

Minnesota Vikings

+160 Bovada Logo

Green Bay Packers

-185 Bovada Logo

Los Angeles Rams @ Los Angeles Chargers 4:25pm Sun Jan 2nd

Played: 12 times
Los Angeles Rams Wins: 7
Los Angeles Chargers Wins: 5
Tied: 0
Last Met: Sept 23, 2018 LA Chargers 23 @ LA Rams 35
Key Stat: Chargers have won their last 3 vs Rams at home

Bet Money Line Play

Los Angeles Rams

+230 Bovada Logo

Los Angeles Chargers

-280 Bovada Logo

Pittsburgh Steelers @ Baltimore Ravens 8:20pm Sun Jan 2nd

Played: 57 times
Pittsburgh Steelers Wins: 32
Baltimore Ravens Wins: 25
Tied: 0
Last Met: Dec 11, 2022 Baltimore Ravens 16 @ Pittsburgh Steelers
Key Stat: Steelers have won their last 2 away @ Ravens

Bet Money Line Play

Pittsburgh Steelers

+125 Bovada Logo

Baltimore Ravens

-145 Bovada Logo

Note: Odds are subject to change

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