NFL Pro Bowl Games 2024 Format Explained

NFL Pro Bowl Games 2024 Format Explained

The Pro Bowl is on Sunday and it will take place under the new format adopted in 2023. Officially called the Pro Bowl Games, the event will include several competitions taking place over two days, Thursday Feb. 1 and Sunday Feb. 4. What follows is a description of the format and the various competitions.

There are 10 competitions, then a 7-of-7 flag football game will finish things off. Each event is worth three points to the conference that comes out on top. The points from the flag football games will be added to the total earned in the games leading up to them. The AFC vs. NFC format continues like the classic full game.

The first event is a quarterback competition where the Pro Bowl passers attempt to hit as many targets as possible in one minute. Six QBs will take part, with two advancing to final round.

In this one, a player from each conference attempts to do special catches around various Orlando landmarks. Fans will vote on the best catches and the results will be announced on Sunday.

This is a multi-round competition where players attempt to catch the most punts from a JUGS machine without dropping the previously caught balls.

This is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a golf accuracy competition featuring six players from each conference. Each competitor attempts to drive a golf ball as close to a hole as possible. This takes the place of the long drive competition featured in 2023. It will be held at the par-3, 18th hold of the Hawk’s Landing Golf Course at the Orlando World Center Marriott.

If you can dodge a tackler, you can dodge a ball. This classic schoolyard competition will last two games and feature four teams of five players representing the offensive and defensive selections from both conferences.

In this game, long snappers and centers will snap balls at various targets in an attempt to rack up the most points for accuracy.

This is the big addition in 2024 as five players from each conference will take part in a classic tug-of-war competition. This is total fan sevice, as the game has been requested to be added since last year.

Two players from each conference will play Madden NFL 24 using the Pro Bowl rosters. This is now officially part of the skills competition, when it was just an exhibition last year.

Six players from each conference compete in a relay race through an obstacle course.

This is a race involving five players from each conference. They must first move 3000 pounds of weigh off a wall, then pull that 2,000-pound wall across the finish line.

A 7-on-7 game in an AFC vs. NFC format will finish things up.

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