Nick Wright Went Off on Aaron Rodgers During 'First Things First'

Nick Wright Went Off on Aaron Rodgers During 'First Things First'

Aaron Rodgers crowbarred his way back into the news cycle over the last 10 days, even after it was made clear we wouldn’t see him on an NFL field again this year, by blaming the New York Jets for taking him off IR. In what was admittedly a bizarre decision the team activated Rodgers off the injured list to make him part of the 53-man roster just so he could practice with everybody. They obviously had to cut someone else to do that, inspiring a bit of an outcry over the poor guy who got cut for Rodgers to not work on Sundays and over the team’s decision to not utilize every one of their roster spots at this stage in the season.

Rodgers went on the Pat McAfee Show earlier this week and said it was the Jets’ call to do that, not his, so everyone should get off his back. In typical Rodgers fashion he then wondered aloud why he is always the victim in these scenarios and accused the media/world at large of still being mad at him for his vaccination status. The best line was when he said that he didn’t bow to “mass formation psychosis” by not getting vaccinated, which is just the latest line that should make ESPN and Disney incredibly embarrassed for allowing on their airwaves.

Nick Wright has had quite enough of the Rodgers martydom act and blew up on the Jets quarterback during yesterday’s edition of First Things First in a truly epic rant. The basis was that Rodgers is disliked not because of his vaccination status, but because he is “the most disingenuous athlete” of Wright’s lifetime. From there he tears Rodgers a new one and made some great points for those similarly exhausted of the whole act.

It really is a shame that First Things First is no longer, well, first things first after it got moved from the morning slot to the late afternoon in favor of Craig Carton’s show. A strange decision at the time that has aged quite poorly as Wright’s hair grew longer and he embraced the wild side of sports debating. This is the sort of take that used to marinate in the early hours of the work day and blow up during lunch when most people found time to argue. Now it stumbles in late and frazzled the next day like that one coworker we’ve all had experience with.

Anyway, a great television segment by Wright. It doesn’t matter if you think Rodgers is an anti-vaxx hero or not. Wright’s energy and momentum enraptured his audience for over two minutes, his point was clear and cohesive, and he came all the way back around at the end. That’s the good stuff, baby.

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