Friday , February 23 2024
E. Jean Carroll show up for court in Trump lawsuit.

Opening Statements In The Second E. Jean Carroll Trial Were A Disaster For Trump

Donald Trump keeps defaming E. Jean Carroll. Each time she sues him, the outcome looks worse for the former president.

Erica Orden of Politico tweeted from the opening arguments of Carroll’s second defamation suit against Trump:

Trump’s legal team had a rough day, and could only attack Carroll’s motives:

Trump has posted at least 22 more defamatory statements about Carroll today. Carroll has already been awarded $5 million as Trump was found liable for defamation and sexual abuse. Judge Kaplan made it clear in a later ruling that Donald Trump is a rapist.

The opening statements were a disaster for Trump, just all of his legal battles with Carroll have ended poorly for the former president.

Trump keeps losing to E. Jean Carroll, and until he learns to shut up, he is probably going to continue to be hit in the wallet.

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