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Opinion: Mike Pompeo’s Attack On Multiculturalism Further Divides America

In case any American was confused concerning the Republican motion’s imaginative and prescient for America as an Aryan nation, former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo made it clear he agrees with loser Trump that there isn’t any room for range in America.

On his way out of workplace serving a white supremacist administration, Pompeo let it’s known through his State Division Twitter account that he doesn’t settle for America as being made up of a number of completely different cultures. Trump’s lap canine said:

“Woke-ism, multiculturalism, all of the -isms — they’re not who America is.

It’s obvious that Pompeo missed American historical past courses in major and secondary faculty as a result of America has all the time been a multicultural nation going again to the nation’s founding and persevering with immediately.

Whether or not it was white males shopping for and enslaving African natives, or wealthy white males importing Chinese language labor to construct their railroads, or white males utilizing Mexican labor on their farms, or any variety of completely different cultural teams tasked with serving the wants of the white race; America has all the time been a multicultural nation.

It’s true that Pompeo, like Trump and his racist acolytes, want American tradition was primarily based solely on evangelical white superiority, however their dream of America as an Aryan nation is simply that – a dream. Nevertheless, it’s a dream that Pompeo fostered at the State Department and one Trump based his complete political marketing campaign on and promoted all through his catastrophic failure as White Home occupant.

That Pompeo had no qualms brazenly attacking America’s various cultural heritage speaks volumes; about his white evangelical ethos and his pandering to the worst section of America’s populace – Trump’s evangelical white supremacist base.

Multiculturalism is, in truth, who America is” and Pompeo and his ilk can’t comport the idea in any respect as a result of in addition to difficult the notion of white supremacy; it was the driving pressure behind Trump’s assaults on individuals of colour, the LGBTQ neighborhood and individuals who don’t subscribe to the authoritarian evangelical faith. 

It’s apparent that Pompeo is Hell-bent and duty-bound to proceed the largest loser Trump’s divisive rhetoric pitting his white evangelical supremacists towards any American recognizing the worth of a various cultural inhabitants. It was that try at stitching discord amongst America’s various inhabitants that prompted hundreds of thousands of People to turn out to be conscious of the myriad points concerning social and racial injustice – what Pompeo known as “wokism.” It’s also what helped drive Trump out of workplace as a result of the vast majority of voters don’t embrace the systemic and institutional racism and inequality plaguing America.

That systemic racism in addition to nativism driving each considered one of Trump’s home insurance policies is a malignancy on the nation. It’s also one thing President Joseph Biden cited throughout his Inauguration speech on Tuesday previous. And to exhibit just how a lot even mentioning the racism and nativism plaguing america bothers Republicans, think about what the architect of George W. Bush’s administration needed to say.

 After listening to President Biden’s inaugurations speech,  Republican activist Karl Rove mentioned he was offended that the brand new President addressed the unfavourable affect of embracing nativism and racism. Rove said:

The racism factor to me is — I used to be offended within the speech. I imply, I assumed it was a superb speech. It wasn’t an amazing speech, but it surely was a superb speech and it was the best speech for the second. However there was a degree in there the place he mentioned we’re divided as a rustic between the individuals who consider within the American perfect [racial and cultural range] and racism, nativism and concern. That was an try and mainly say, if you happen to’re not for me, you’re a part of the group that’s, you realize, racist and nativist and concern mongering, which I didn’t suppose was a superb word to strike.

Rove additionally mentioned that President Biden known as out racism as a “payoff to the left of the Democratic Get together.”

Like Pompeo, Rove is aware of there’s a significant issue in America the place Trump (Republican) devotees are keen to insurgent towards the federal government to additional perpetuate the warfare on America’s various inhabitants. The one distinction between Pompeo and Rove is that Rove pretends there’s not endemic inequality suppressing range whereas Pompeo brazenly assaults multiculturalism and the inhabitants’s newfound consciousness that social and racial injustice is institutionalized and systemic.

What each Pompeo and Rove are doing is sending a not-so-subtle message to Trump’s evangelical white supremacist base reassuring them that their intrinsic hatred and deep-seated animosity in the direction of “the opposite” is justified. Trump could also be gone, however the toxic division between respectable human beings and hate-driven malcontents is right here for the length; and that ought to terrify People who consider within the perfect that each one People have worth.

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