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“Oregon Is Going To Boat Race Colorado,” Says One NCAA Coach

All the hype around the 2023 college football season has been centered around the University of Colorado, and for good reason. After being one of the worst D1 programs in history last year, the new culture that has been brought into the locker room has shifted the entire dynamic. The Buffaloes are 3-0 and are one of the surprise teams of the year, but the schedule is about to get a whole lot tougher. And according to a handful of NCAA scouts and coaches, Deion Sanders and company don’t stand much of a chance this coming weekend.

Colorado May Be In Trouble This Weekend, Say Opposing Coaches

The Buffaloes pulled off an impressive 20+ point upset in Week 1, and have beaten Nebraska and Colorado State since. But looming on their schedule are two formidable Pac-12 foes, both of whom are currently ranked in the Top-10 in the AP poll.

First up is the Oregon Ducks. They have fattened up on lesser opponents in the early going, having outscored their competition by a mark of 174-47. They are currently the 10th ranked team in the country, headed by quarterback Bo Nix, who is currently projected to be a mid-to-late first round pick in the next NFL Draft.

Can Colorado do anything to slow them down? There aren’t many outside of the Buffaloes’ locker room who believe that they can.

Two Big Tests Coming Up For Sanders’ Squad

ESPN ran a piece on Friday in which they asked half a dozen coaches and scouts who have familiarity with Colorado’s program for their opinions on this weekend’s matchup. The reviews weren’t great for Sanders’ squad:

“I think Oregon is going to boat race them. Oregon is different upfront. There’s a lot of bark, not much bite to Colorado. When they run into the bigger dogs in the Pac-12, it’s going to come to an end.”

While there are serious questions about the talent disparity between the two programs, the same coaches who doubted Colorado’s chances were also quick to point out how well coached the team is and how hard they play.

“It’s a testament to what they are doing. There’s not a lot of great players. They’re well-coached. I think that’s one thing that gets missed. It’s not just roll the ball out. Those guys get after it. It’s old school.

As it stands on Friday evening, Oregon is a 21 point favorite, a line similar to the one that the Buffaloes faced against TCU in Week 1. Can they overcome the same spread again in the span of a month?

Colorado will take on USC the following weekend.

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