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Oribe Gold Lust Gift Sets | British Beauty Blogger

Oribe Gold Lust Gift Sets | British Beauty Blogger

[unpaid/sample/affiliate/ad] In general, I’m still suspicious of very expensive hair care although Oribe seems to be the exception to the rule. If you want clean hair, you don’t need to pay a fortune, but interestingly during the pandemic and beyond, the luxury hair category continues to rise. I’m not massively into hair so it surprises me but I have seen a few ranges this year that I’ve felt go above and beyond a cleanse and condition. These beautiful gift sets from Oribe are exactly how I want my luxury hair care to look if I’m making a big spend. I want something solid and gorgeous to bring home that feels like an absolute treat. They’ve arrived just a bit too late for on-line ordering but on the plus, I’ve found a couple of the sets already on offer. So, swings and roundabouts :-).

Oribe Gift Sets

New to me is the Oribe Body Care and Fragrance. I should say the box graphics are by Marrakesh based designer  Louis Barthelemy – it follows an Egyptian theme, right down to ‘parchment’ inside with gold writing explaining the concept and roots of the brand. A very lovely detail. So, to the body care. The fragrance is Cote d’Azur – a beautiful arrangement of bergamot, blackcurrant and orange with a floral heart and and an amber base. Fragrance is key to this brand – they’ve really made a point of using regarded French noses to create aromas that move the shampooing experience up a level and because it’s been so successful, they’ve expanded it to body care.

Oribe Gift Sets

I really did get drifts of the Mediterranean with this – it’s a happy kind of a scent with zesty, aquatic accents although having looked at many reviews, some found the last to be poor. That said, I can still smell it on my wrist from wearing it yesterday so I don’t consider that to be poor last. To buy on its own, it’s quite pricy at £110 so definitely one to look out for in January.

Oribe Gift Sets

By far my favourite product that I’ve tried is the Gold Lust Repair Shampoo – a cool £50 per bottle. But, it’s one of the best shampoos I’ve ever used. By that, I mean it’s generously foamy even in my hard water area, it’s rich but rinses away easily, it’s beautifully fragranced and leaves my hair bouncy, soft and shiny. I don’t even use a conditioner afterwards although I will run some oil through the ends of my hair before I blow dry. The Gold Lust Set is £110 (value £140) HERE if you don’t want to wait and see what the sales bring or if you have a last minute gift to give – SpaceNK last post date is today (21st) by 2pm.


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