Tuesday , March 28 2023
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Piers Morgan blasts Boris Johnson for making “the Queen sit alone” at Prince Philip’s funeral as celebrities criticize British PM’s No10 party apology

Piers Morgan blasts Boris Johnson for making

Piers Morgan has blasted Prime Minister Boris Johnson and the UK Government for making the Queen “sit alone at her husband’s funeral” while they held lockdown parties at Downing Street.


Piers’ scathing post comes after Boris Johnson admitted there was a lockdown party at his official residence, No 10 Downing Street last May, after a Cabinet Minister had told the public at a press conference to follow Covid rules by only meeting one other person outdoors.


Leaked emails alleged a ‘Bring Your Own Booze’ party was held in the garden of Downing Street on May 20, 2020 with 100 staff members told to “make the most of the weather” at the height of the pandemic, when millions across the UK were banned from meeting more than one other person outdoors.


Around 40 staff are said to have attended the gathering to eat picnic food and have drinks, including Boris Johnson and his partner Carrie Johnson.


Reacting, media personality Piers, who called for Boris Johnson’s resignation on Tuesday, Jan. 11, took to his Instagram on Wednesday, Jan 12, to launch an attack on the PM for his “outrageous hypocrisy”, calling it a “disgusting slap in the teeth” for everyone who followed lockdown rules, which were enshrined in law.


Piers, 56, wrote: “REMINDER: Boris Johnson made the Queen sit alone at her husband’s funeral, just as he separated so many families in their darkest moments in this pandemic. Yet all the time he and his staff were brazenly ignoring their own rules with endless illegal parties at No10.


“Just outrageous hypocrisy and a disgusting slap in the teeth to everyone, like Her Majesty, who followed the rules at often great personal sacrifice.


“That’s why this scandal is now rightly pushing the Prime Minister towards a political cliff edge. His authority has been destroyed at the altar of shameful double standards.”


Piers Morgan blasts Boris Johnson for making

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