Thursday , October 21 2021
Actor Nnabuike Warns Women Doing Plastic surgery

Plastic Surgery: ‘Dont Risk Your Lives For Men’ Actor Nnabuike Warns Women

Nollywood actor, Sam Nnabuike has taken to social media to warn women who risk their lives undergoing plastic surgery. 

According to the Anambra- born script interpreter via his instastories warned women not to risk their lives trying to please men noting they might end up losing themselves in the process.

He further stressed that women should learn to feel good about themselves regardless of their body type and shape. 

He also, however, encouraged women who get their body done because they want to feel good to ensure that they don’t risk their lives. 

In his own words, he wrote; ‘Every woman should feel confident about herself and if getting a butt lift or body enhancement will make her feel good, that’s fine by me. I have nothing against that. Just don’t risk your life trying to please these men or because you want men old enough to be your grandfathers to find you attractive and sponsor your lavish lifestyle. Naa baby, you will end up losing yourself.’

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