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Remedies for bad breath

Remedies for bad breath

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A recent study by Korean scientists has revealed that halitosis or bad breath can easily be dealt with by increasing oral fluids, decreasing the amount of tongue plaque, regular scaling and removal of dental plaque.

According to the results of the analysis, oral fluid rate, glucose levels in the oral cavity, and tongue coating have significant correlations with halitosis. Lack of hydration, consumption of certain foods and even increase in the intake of caffeine and alcohol can cause your breath tom go bad. Persistent bad breath can sometimes be a sign of gum disease.

Here is how you can deal with halitosis:

Brush the teeth: Be sure to brush at least twice a day, preferably after each meal.

Floss: Flossing reduces the build-up of food particles and plaque from between the teeth. Brushing only cleans around 60 percent of the surface of the tooth.

Clean dentures: Anything that goes into your mouth, including dentures, a bridge, or a mouth guard, should be cleaned as recommended on a daily basis. Cleaning prevents the bacteria from building up and being transferred back into the mouth. Changing toothbrush every 2 to 3 months is also important for similar reasons.

Brush tongue: Bacteria, food, and dead cells commonly build up on the tongue, especially in smokers or those with a particularly dry mouth. A tongue scraper can sometimes be useful.

Avoid dry mouth: Drink plenty of water. Avoid alcohol and tobacco, both of which dehydrate the mouth. Chewing gum or sucking a sweet, preferably sugar-free, can help stimulate the production of saliva. If the mouth is chronically dry, a doctor may prescribe medication that stimulates the flow of saliva.

Diet: Avoid onions, garlic, and spicy food. Sugary foods are also linked to bad breath. Reduce coffee and alcohol consumption.

If breath odour persists despite controlling these factors, you must visit a doctor for further tests to rule out other conditions.

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