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Smith's Contract With The Jets Has $13.5 Million Of Incentives

The New York Jets made their first big free agency splash last week when they brought in Tyron Smith. It was reported that the deal was a gaudy one, worth $20 million for a single year of service. But in looking at the details of the contract, it appears that New York may be getting Smith at something of a bargain, especially if he doesn’t pan out the way they hope he does.

Smith’s Contract With Jets In Incentive Based

One of the best offensive lineman that we have seen over the past decade, Smith has been injury prone ever since 2020. He played in just 17 games in a span of three seasons while dealing with neck, hamstring, and ankle issues, and hasn’t played more than 13 games in a season since 2015.

He has spent his entire 13-year career with the Dallas Cowboys. Smith qualified for 8 Pro Bowl selections in that time, and was an All-Pro member 5 times, and became one of the marquee blockers of the late 2010s.

The Jets are certainly taking a risk by adding him, especially given that they have been the victims of some tough injury luck over the past couple of years. But the $20 million deal that was reported has little guaranteed money, and Smith will have to earn a chunk of it by way of incentives.

Smith Can Earn Up To $13.5 Million Extra In Incentives

The guaranteed money sits at $6.5 million. That is what Smith will be making regardless, and sounds about right for an aging star who has dealt with injuries. But the rest of the contract is incentive-based, much of which has to do with his snap count and availability.

The biggest single incentive is the Pro Bowl. If Smith is named one of the participants for the 9th time in his career, he’ll take home an extra $500k. For every playoff win that the team enjoys, Smith will earn $250k with a max of $1 million if they go to the Super Bowl. As for the snap count, he will start earning when he hits 38%. He’ll be given $750k for hitting that mark, and will earn another $1 million for each increasing increment of 6%. If he hits 74%, he will then earn $1.25 million for each 6% increment from there.

Tyron Smith played in 13 games last year for Dallas, and was able to qualify as a second-team All-Pro, his first All-Pro appearance of any kind since 2016.

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