Soldier foils ?coup attempt? in DR Congo

Soldier foils ?coup attempt? in DR Congo

Soldier foils ?coup attempt? in DR Congo

The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) army says it has repelled an attempted coup d’etat. 


The army said Congolese and foreign fighters were involved in the coup which was thwarted on Sunday morning, May 19.  


Sylvain Ekenge, the DRC army spokesperson, disclosed this in a televised address on the state-run RTNC TV.

“An attempted coup d’etat has been put down by the defence and security forces. The attempt involved foreigners and Congolese. These foreigners and Congolese have been put out of action, including their leader,” Ekenge said


Ekenge said several suspects have been detained and the “situation is now under control”. 


His statement comes hours after armed men attacked the house of Vital Kamerhe, the former chief of staff and close ally of President Felix Tshisekedi.


Kamerhe’s residence is about two kilometres from the presidential palace. Michel Muhima, Kamerhe’s spokesperson, had said the gunmen clad in military uniform engaged the politician’s guards in a shootout, leaving three people dead.


Muhima said two of the deceased were police officers attached to Kamerhe while the other was one of the attackers.


The unrest in the country comes amid a dispute in the ruling party over the postponement of an election for the leadership of the country’s national assembly.


President Tshisekedi met with parliamentarians and party leaders on Friday in a bid to resolve the crisis. Tshisekedi was reelected as president in December 2023.


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