Some Dog Pooped on the Field After the Chiefs Pooped On the Field

Some Dog Pooped on the Field After the Chiefs Pooped On the Field

The Kansas City Chiefs once again failed to look like the Kansas City Chiefs yesterday as the Las Vegas Raiders came into town and pushed everyone around while ruining Christmas. Patrick Mahomes doesn’t have any weapons and, more alarmingly, he looks very human. Barring something crazy they will win the AFC West but they’ve already created a destiny in which they’ll have to win playoff games on the road — something this group is yet to accomplish during its dynasty.

Or, if you’re looking for a more visual representation, things can be summed up by the dog who didn’t think twice about pooping on the field after the final whistle. It’s the type of clip that’s been flying around the internet and a lot of people feel confidently enough to say it’s a high-profile dog. Their main sourcing comes via a Wichita sports anchor and I’ll be perfectly honest — I don’t feel confident in my own dog forensic analysis skills to say whether or not this is a dog owned by the Hunt family or some other good dog.

Dogs are going to take care of business. You can’t stop a dog from T-ing C of B. So it doesn’t matter if the owner is well-heeled or otherwise — pet ownership is a universal experience.

The 44-yard line, though? What does it mean? Is the dog trying to tell us something like Lassie? Something to keep an eye on.

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