The Chiefs Are Fighting With Each Other On The Sidelines

The Chiefs Are Fighting With Each Other On The Sidelines

The Kansas City Chiefs have been struggling the last few weeks, having lost four of their last six games entering Week 17. Tensions have been boiling over, and Sunday’s game against the Cincinnati Bengals was no different. Chiefs players and coaches were arguing with each other on the sidelines during the first half.

At one point, Willie Gay yelled a few things, then shot up off the bench before being held back by teammates. It’s unclear who he was going after. Later, Chris Jones could be seen talking Gay down and straightening him out.

Here’s video:

This is just more frustration coming from one of the NFL’s best teams that refuses to play like it. The team’s offensive issues are well-documented, by the defense has suffered a ton of injuries as well. Officiating hasn’t helped the team either, and even the usually calm Patrick Mahomes flipped out on referees a few weeks ago.

The Chiefs trailed the Bengals 17-13 at halftime.

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