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The Christmas Demon of Austria replaces cheer with terror

The Christmas Demon of Austria replaces cheer with terror

Austria, in particular, has Krampus, a creature that contrasts sharply with the typical jolly, gift-giving Father Christmas.

In Austria, the Christmas demon Krampus, is both feared and revered. Rather than bringing gifts, Krampus is known for punishing misbehaving children.

His nightmarish appearance of horns, fur, and a long, pointed tongue, embodies a darker side of the holiday season.

The Krampus legend stretches back centuries, rooted in pre-Christian Alpine folklore. In these ancient rituals, Krampus was believed to be a companion of the Alpine goddess Perchta, serving as a symbol of winter’s harshness.

This horned, half-goat, half-demon creature punishes naughty children, a stark contrast to the benevolent Santa Claus, who rewards the good. Over time, these pagan customs melded with Christian traditions, creating a fusion in Austrian Christmas celebrations.

According to tradition, Krampus roams the streets on the night of December 5th, known as Krampusnacht. This night is dedicated to his ominous presence, with locals participating in parades, dressing up as Krampus, and engaging in theatrical events that showcase both fright and festivity.

While we may find the tradition unsettling, it is a cultural touchstone to the Austrians, and reminds participants of the importance of good deeds during the holiday season.

The Krampus’ resemblance to Halloween is undeniable. Both feature costumed monsters, and parades, that are playful yet disturbing. The atmosphere is usually charged with an eerie energy, the costumes are elaborate and terrifying, and the focus shifts from warmth and giving to caution and fear.

Despite this unnerving christmas festival, Austrians do have the traditional Christmas Eve celebration with family on December 24th, where they exchange and open gifts. It’s still a great holiday celebration with lots of food and drinks, surrounded by loved ones.

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