The Pop-Tarts Bowl Mascot Was a Big Hit and No One Will Ever Remember Who Played the Actual Game

The Pop-Tarts Bowl Mascot Was a Big Hit and No One Will Ever Remember Who Played the Actual Game

The Kansas State Wildcats beat the North Carolina State Wolfpack in the Pop-Tarts Bowl on Thursday night. Not that anyone will remember what the teams did on this faitful night. No, instead this college bowl game will be remembered for the edible macot that dominated the entire evening. From the moment it first appeared, popping out of a giant toaster, to the moment it was eaten.

As ESPN‘s Anish Shroff noted before the game began, that was always the plan. “Well, here’s the sad part of the story. After the game, he will be devoured, he will die, and he will be his own last meal.”

Like any Pop-Tart, this mascot made the most of it’s time on Earth after it came out of the toaster. It played around with an official, possibly patting him on the behind.

The mascot danced with anyone and everyone. Whether they were animal or human.

Then things got weird. College football writer Rodger Sherman tried to eat a Pop-Tart in front of the Pop-Tart and the Pop-Tart took the Pop-Tart and force-fed it to Sherman. Then Sherman Caught one of the Kansas State players trying to taste the mascot after the game ended.

Following the game there was a Pop-Tart bath.

The Pop-Tart mascot eventually disappeared back into the toaster, which is something that happens when you leave one out for three hours.

It quickly reappeared in actual food form and was eaten.

Again, the game was inconsequential. All that matters is that college football has a new tradition. Will the Pop-Tart Bowl live longer than the Cheez-It Bowl, which Kellogg’s previously named this game from 2020 to 2022. Going back just a bit further, this game was originally played between in 1990 between the 6th ranked Florida State Seminoles and 7th ranked Penn State Nittany Lions. It was called the Blockbuster Bowl. How’s that for tradition?

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