Friday , May 20 2022
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Toddler tagged ‘Mini Hercules’ as video shows him with huge muscles which is the result of a medical condition

Toddler tagged

A toddler has been dubbed the new “Mini Hercules” after an Instagram video showed him parading around with his huge muscles.


The child known as Amir the Hulk reportedly suffers from a condition that means he cannot stop piling on the muscle.


Toddler tagged


In a video shared online by his uncle, Amir is seen flexing his muscles at home.


Toddler tagged


Bodybuilding enthusiast Xavier Wills says little Amir is already being compared to Mini Hercules Richard Sandrak, who, at eight years old, had a complete six-pack.


Amir suffers from Berardinelli Seip and a lack of Myostatin, according to his uncle.


Toddler tagged


Berardinelli Seip is a rare genetic disorder that is characterized by the near total loss of body fat and extreme muscularity at birth.


Whatever fat Amir has is instead stored in the organs, liver, and muscles, which is why he has such a ripped appearance.


Toddler tagged


Myostatin is a vital protein that stops us from developing too much muscle mass. A lack of it can lead to muscle over-development.

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