Tom Brady and Bill Belichick Together in a FOX Announcing Booth Is An All-Time Great Idea

Tom Brady and Bill Belichick Together in a FOX Announcing Booth Is An All-Time Great Idea

It’s unusual when the New England Patriots wait until holiday music is dominating the airwaves to pick up their third win of the season but they did just that last night by taking out some frustration on the Pittsburgh Steelers. What looked to be a sleepy Thursday Night Football affair was actually pretty exciting and Al Michaels, known to let a bad matchup get to him from time to time, was engaged and energetic. In addition to providing play-by-play, the venerable announcer casually concocted an idea so spectacular that we simply must see it become a reality.

Speculating on Bill Belichick’s next chapter, Michaels gave voice to the idea that the muttering coach could go into broadcasting.

“How about this,” Michaels asked. “If he goes (into TV) they put him in the booth with Kevin Burkhardt and Tom Brady next year on FOX?”

It’s an incredible notion. Because Belichick does not exactly emit the type of television charisma necessary to rate really well. Michaels pointed out, though, that the Super Bowl enthusiast won an Emmy for his work on that NFL Films documentary a few years ago counting down the 100 best players in NFL history.

The genius of the idea is that Belichick wouldn’t even have to be good. Hell, I am not sure people would even want him to be good. I am sure that it would be appointment programming. Because who wouldn’t want to hear what he has to say, no matter how low and gruff he’s going to deliver those insights?

Currently there are exactly zero announcers or analysts working that I will drop everything or schedule around so I can listen to them work. Belichick would change that. If he was on the late-afternoon game with Tom Brady every Sunday then you can bet your ass I’d be on my couch every Sunday at 4:25 to listen to those two cook. You could not concoct a more interesting duo than Brady and Belichick on the microphone. If FOX does not currently have a team of top people working behind the scenes to make this a reality then they are wasting time and resources.

Close your eyes and imagine Belichick, eschewing the traditional suit and tie for a hole-ridden hoodie with last night or last week’s lasagna stains on it grumbling his way through an observation as the feverish Lincoln Financial crowd provides background ramping up for a key third-down play. Hard to think of anything better.

At this point, it’s still a crazy idea. But an awesome one nonetheless.

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