'Transabled' People Are Now Purposely Blinding, Disfiguring Themselves to Become Disabled

‘Transabled’ People Are Now Purposely Blinding, Disfiguring Themselves to Become Disabled

Life is hard, and for some, it’s more complicated than for others. However, for those blessed with good health and manageable means, the never-ending balance of wanting to fit in versus being unique is a constant pull on our souls.

Suppose you are lucky and grow up with structure and discipline. In that case, you learn to move on from these trivial pressures and accept who you are in this world and what you can put out into the universe. But unfortunately, others born with or who end up with disabilities and other hardships struggle even more with physical and mental challenges on top of the same pressures as the rest of us to fit in or be special.

Today we live in a distorted world where being a victim is all the rage, and men can now be women and vice versa.

Is it possible that our society could get any more depraved?

Yes, sadly. Much, much more depraved.

The Answer Is Yes

If you thought allowing children to be their “true selves” through drugs and surgery was the pinnacle of insanity, you’d be wrong. Instead, there’s a new trend in victim culture, and it’s something straight from a horror movie of the likes of Hostel or The Human Centipede.

Transableism is starting to bubble up in dark corners of the West, with cases reported in Europe and a few in the United States. You might wonder, what is this bizarre new label, and have my kids heard of it?

Transableism is the idea that healthy people “identify” as someone with a disability – with some taking steps to actually disable themselves, like the woman above who purposely blind herself. Because having two working arms, legs, and eyes is so last year. 

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How do you treat this condition? By having your perfectly good arms and legs cut off, getting a little snip on your spinal cord, or maybe just destroying your eyesight. 

When it comes to kids knowing about this trend, I’d wager a strong bet that they do.

A Rebranding

This concept of people believing or desiring to be disabled isn’t new; it was just known under a different name. Formerly called Body Integrity Identity Disorder or BIID, people suffering from this affliction identify as handicapped instead of ‘able-bodied.’ 

These people in the past have either done this by pretending to have an affliction like blindness, would tie back an arm or leg, choosing to move through life in a wheelchair even though they can walk, and in some extreme cases, they resort to self-mutilation.

So why the name change? Because BIID is considered a psychiatric condition, as it should be in my humble opinion.

You would think that a person rejecting their healthy body suffers from some, if not many, mental health issues. But to call it transableism, that is a horse of a different color altogether.

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Calling BIID transableism is a means for two ends:

  1. Attach it to the ever-popular transgender movement
  2. Associate it with a type of ideological advocacy

But What About…

Now, this is a no-brainer. At no point should we ever be encouraging this sort of fad. 

However, there are, of course, some who argue on the other side of this debate that treatment for those who are transabled is necessary. In a 2019 article titled ‘The Complicated Issue of Transableism,’ the author highlights some of the arguments brought up by scientists and doctors of the opposing side.

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For instance:

“If people can choose to reject life-saving treatments, why shouldn’t they be allowed to elect a surgery that will leave them disabled?”

I’m not a doctor, but last I checked, medical professionals had to swear to an oath that they won’t harm patients. My lack of medical expertise aside, you can trust me when I tell you that cutting off limbs and forcing people into wheelchairs for the rest of their lives is causing harm.

Let The Spin Begin

The most interesting spin to this argument for mutilating people into disabilities is my favorite: 

“If a person can elect to have plastic surgery, which is often used to make the body conform better to social ideals, why shouldn’t people also be allowed to change it in ways that society is less comfortable with?”

First, my desire to get a chin implant is not anywhere comparable to having my arm cut off so I can be disabled. Instead, it has everything to do with the fact that my face sort of melts into my torso. 

Second, pay attention to the wording above. The fact that the end of the argument states, “why shouldn’t people also be allowed to change it in ways that society is less comfortable with” is telling.

It’s keyed up to cause guilt where guilt does not belong. How dare you judge people who wish to have their arms, legs, and God knows what else removed so that they can feel special and be a part of the Victim Cool Kids Table!

Just so you can feel comfortable, you should check your ableist privilege, you sane able-bodied person! Give me a break.

Sound Familiar?

The reality is instances of transabled people, or more accurately put those suffering from BIID, are minuscule, and the cases of surgical mutilations are also rare. But that also used to be the case for transgenderism.

Those who advocate for transabled surgery claim that it is the only relief these people have, that psychiatry won’t work, and that denying them this surgery is cruel. If that has a familiar ring to it, it should.

It is from the same dance card as those who tell parents, “Would you rather have a dead daughter or a live son?” to pressure them into performing “top surgery” on their teenage girls. Pay attention, we live in a Kurt Vonnegut short story, and if we don’t wake soon, we shall be forced to mask the beautiful, drown out the thoughts of the intelligent, and weigh down the strong.

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