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Trevor Lawrence will start Jacksonville’s pre-season game

Coming off their 2022 season, the Jacksonville Jaguars want to continue to build momentum. With the first overall pick in the 2021 NFL Draft, the team selected QB Trevor Lawrence. He was not set up for success in his rookie season when Urban Meyer was his head coach. 

Since then, the team hired Doug Pederson as their next head coach and he’s helped change Lawrence’s trajectory as a star. Ahead of Jacksonville’s first pre-season game on Saturday, Pederson said the Lawrecne will start the game. He said the entire starting unit will get some live-action reps.

How will Trevor Lawrence continue to progress in year 3?

Head coach Doug Pederson spoke to the NFL Networks after Monday’s practice. Last season, Pederson played his starters in the pre-season and he’s doing the same in 2023. He said that he’s a “big believer” in the starters playing pre-season. This is his strategy and it has fans fearing the worst. The last thing the Jaguars need is for one of their key players to get seriously injures in some not-so-meaningful reps.

Pederson said Lawrence will play a series or two on Saturday vs the Cowboys. Other starters might get a few more reps than Lawrence does. He’s heading into the second year of Pederson’s offensive system and wants to execute it as best as he can. Lawrence likes the idea of getting live-game reps with some of the new players. It ultimately helps everyone get on the same page for Week 1.

In his rookie season in 2021, Trevor Lawrence led the NFL with 17 interceptions and just 12 touchdowns. With Doug Pederson as his offensive coordinator in Year 2, Lawrence took a huge leap from his poor rookie season. He threw for 25 touchdowns and just 8 interceptions. Additionally, he had 5 rushing touchdowns last season. The 23-year-old will look to improve off his 2022 season in year 3 with Jacksonville.

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