Trump and special counsel Jack Smith.

Trump Tried To Hide His 1/6 Phone Data, But Jack Smith's Got It

The 1/6 Committee pointed out that the White House and Trump call logs were empty on 1/6, but Special Counsel Jack Smith has Trump’s phone data.

Politico reported:
In a court filing Monday, Smith indicated that he plans to call an expert witness who extracted and reviewed data copied from Trump’s phone, as well as a phone used by another unidentified individual in Trump’s orbit.

The data from Trump’s phone could reveal day-to-day details of his final weeks in office, including his daily movements, his Twitter habits, and any other aides who had access to his accounts and devices. The data, for example, could help show whether Trump personally approved or sent a fateful tweet attacking his vice president, Mike Pence, during the Jan. 6 riot at the Capitol.

It’s unclear, though, what the extent of Smith’s access to Trump’s phone was. While Smith described in the filing using the data to view images, websites and locations, it’s unclear if he accessed the substance of Trump’s communications or if anything was shielded due to executive privilege or other limits.

Trump hid his phone records and call logs from the 1/6 Committee. The Committee’s inability to find anything caused them to investigate if Trump was using burner phones.

Legal expert Joyce Vance called this development really bad news for Trump:

Jack Smith has an entire trove of evidence and data, and he is going to use it to take away Trump’s excuses. Smith is going to be able to show that the 1/6 attack was deliberately incited with the intention of overturning the election, so that Donald Trump could illegally remain in power.

The Capitol attack wasn’t a situation that got out of control, but part of a prepared and coordinated plan. Special Counsel Jack Smith has what Donald Trump has been trying to hide, and he intends to use it to get a criminal conviction of the former president.

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