Twitter influencer faces backlash for old posts promoting sex for grades

Twitter influencer faces backlash for old posts promoting sex for grades

If I was a lecturer, I’d make my female students have sex with me for grades,” he posted in 2014. In the same year, he also posted on the platform, “If I was a doctor, the kind of things I’ll do with my female patients ehn…mouth no fit talk am. Even my nurses won’t escape me.”

If I was a teacher, I’d sleep with all my female students. No time,” he also posted that year.

But even as recently as 2023, he made a post that promotes domestic violence which critics say is evidence of his current worldview. “Men should be more careful so they don’t mistakenly stab their partners and cut off their private parts. Women should also make sure they don’t date rich guys that’ll kill them,” he posted just months ago, in July 2023.

This comes after he attempted to crowdfund for a documentary that was purported to expose sex for grade at Nigerian tertiary institutions.

A user on X had accused a University of Benin lecturer, Tony Asekhuno of raping her in his office years ago when she was his student. Multiple students later shared similar experiences with the lecturer.

But OpeyemiDrift’s post seeking collaborators for a docuseries on the subject including “a videographer, editor, writer, social media amplification,” and “funds for logistics including transportation, equipment,” led to other users posting screenshots of his past posts on the platform where he promoted sex for grades.

OpeyemiDrift has since apologised for his post saying on Tuesday, May 28, 2024, on X that the posts “were inappropriate and do not reflect my beliefs, not then, not now. I was foolish and reckless, but I never harboured any malice or evil to mean any of those words or to do any of those things.”

I would like to apologise for those jokes because I understand that some things shouldn’t be joked about. Over time, I have had the opportunity to inspire, teach and mentor numerous women and I have also used my work and voice to take a stand against this very #sexforgrades evil & any form of sexual harassment and you can find evidence of this in my previous work.”

Critics say that his apology is not enough.

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