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WATCH: Mahomes, Westbrook On The Red Carpet At Met Gala

Over the years, athletes have increasingly fancied themselves fashion icons. From their stylish outfits at events to their garb when entering the stadium, certain guys have been known to turn heads with their clothing choices. On Monday night, the Met Gala was held in New York City, and some of the countries top athletes were in attendance.

Mahomes, Westbrook Attend Met Gala In New York City

It is referred to as “fashion’s biggest night out.” The Met Gala brings together the world’s top fashion designers, showcasing some of the new and future trends in the industry. It has become a huge production, with the names on the red carpet being almost as big a story as the fashion show itself.

One of the professional athletes that was in attendance was Russell Westbrook. The 34-year-old Clippers guard has been known for his outlandish and progressive fashion choices, and has his hand in various projects and clothing lines. He has attended the Met Gala in year’s past, and found himself with some extra time now that his team has been eliminated from the playoffs.

Westbrook was seen in an ensemble that would be hard to describe for someone without deep fashion knowledge, but it looked to be somewhat toned down from some of the things we have seen him in in the past.

And while he has never been known to be a fashion icon of any kind, the fame and accolades of Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes afforded him an invitation. He was in attendance with his wife Brittany, with Patrick rocking dark sun shades and a black suit. Brittany was dressed in white.

It looks like James Harden was paying homage to the Met Gala with the outfit that he wore on Monday.

Harden’s 76ers took on the Celtics in Game 1 of the second round of the NBA Playoffs, and his pre-game outfit was shared on social media repeatedly throughout the evening. He wore blue pants that were not just oversized, but probably could have fit three regular sized human beings in each leg.

At first glance, the pants look to be jean material, but as Harden approaches the camera, we can see that the material is fuzzy. It looks almost like he took the broom from a high school gym and turned them into a fashion statement.

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