Will Levis Celebrates Titans' Comeback With an Intense Scream and Full Body Flex

Will Levis Celebrates Titans' Comeback With an Intense Scream and Full Body Flex

The Tennessee Titans pulled off a stunning comeback on Monday Night Football to beat the Miami Dolphins, 28-27. The Dolphins took a 27-14 lead with 4:34 remaining in the fourth quarter and managed to blow it. No one was more excited when the Titans scored a touchdown to tie the game with 1:49 remaining than quarterback Will Levis, who looked more like a linebacker or professional wrestler coming off the field. By the time the Titans took the lead with the extra point, Levis appeared to have made multiple people wish they had not tried to congratulate him on a successful drive.

Levis is an absolute monster, which was really apparent on the slow motion replay of his arrival on the sideline.

Somehow, he appears even stronger now than he did a few weeks ago when he shrugged off an attempted sack from Carolina’s Brian Burns, who is, himself, a 6-foot-5, 250-pound monster.

Will Levis

Caroliina Panthers v Tennessee Titans / Wesley Hitt/GettyImages

Now, before you judge Levis because he’s built like an action star, know that he’s the kind of guy who worries his former teachers are paying close attention to his vocabulary during postgame interviews.

Levis completed 23 of 38 passes for 327 yards and a touchdown on Monday. He now has as more touchdown passes last six games (5) as he had in his debut (4), but he obviously only cares about the final scores. And hitting the gym.

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