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Woman whose husband wants divorce after she failed Master's program abroad shares her side of the story

Woman whose husband wants divorce after she failed Master

A woman whose husband wants to divorce her because she failed her Master’s degree program abroad has broken her silence. 

It was reported earlier that a couple who relocated abroad had to return to Nigeria because the wife – who was schooling while her husband was working and funding her education – failed her master’s program. 


Woman whose husband wants divorce after she failed Master

The wife has now explained that her husband was the one who insisted she got a Master’s degree despite knowing that she is not book-smart. 

She said she told him to open a business for her in Nigeria but he insisted she went to school. 

To make matters worse, he got her pregnant as soon as they got to the UK, making it harder for her to focus on school while pregnant. 

She said she has suffered in her marriage and she is fine with his decision to divorce her and go back to his ex. 

She added that she would return to Nigeria but would no longer continue in the marriage because her husband talks down on her and beats her. 

Listen to her speak in the video below.




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