"My Family is the last one you will ever disrespect. I will teach you a life lesson!" - Teebillz slams Davido for allegedly disrespecting his family

“My Family is the last one you will ever disrespect. I will teach you a life lesson!” – Teebillz slams Davido for allegedly disrespecting his family

where were you Tee blizz when a man dishonored and disrespected the mother of your child by exposing her nudes and sex tape…you go planet Venus then….abi the sex tape no ba aye je ni…. abi you think say your son no go see the tape for future. Why did you not carry sledge harmer and bazooka go Ghana. Why did you not protect your family at that crucial time or you just woke up to realize you have to start showing a testimony of love and commitment now ( I laugh in foreign language) Leave Dele Momodu ( and you have to subtly involve Sophia Momodu in your speech…..at the end of the day, it’s all about her). You don’t even have sense, because anything that happens to David now( God forbid), you are the number one culprit….Interpol will fish you out. Go and demand your family respect from that guy in Ghana . Clap for yourself because for once, Tiwa will give you some accolade now, at least if you no fit pay child welfare, you fit flex muscles. At the end of the day, Imade is Davido;s daughter, he can demand who his daughter hangs around, if he is not comfortable with his daughter hanging around your family for reasons best known to him….it is his right to state after all regardless of his flaws, none can fault his parenting, he has been a great provider in the past and if there is a pause in cash flow now(just assuming worse case scenario), there must be a reason for it……Since Sophia has been claiming sole parenting and provider, is there any reason to do all that any more. And if she wants David to spend more time with daughter, drop her in her father’s house, it must not be inclusive of her and he must not come to her house to do so…he is married now, there are rules and boundaries now.

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