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NEW Dior Au Nymphea Cleansers | British Beauty Blogger

NEW Dior Au Nymphea Cleansers | British Beauty Blogger

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[unpaid/sample/affiliate/ad] I’ve had quite the education on Nymphea which you might otherwise know as water lily. I’ll skip past the fact that the water lily in my little water feature I made in lockdown has never yet bloomed, despite looking healthy and green and as though it might. Nymphea is a quietly powerful plant that is detoxifying in its natural environment and like many plants can filter pollutants. Specifically, it’s good at absorbing heavy metals in a process known as chelation. Translating that to skin (although those that cite chelation as a selling point are few and far between) means extra care against pollution.

NEW Dior Au Nymphea Cleansers

As you know, I love a Micellar and the Dior version is just lovely. It’s so gentle feeling on the skin delivering a thorough cleanse with no skin dryness afterwards thanks to hyaluronic acid and cornflower water. It’s kind of the difference between wool and cashmere – this being the cashmere version. They’ll both keep you warm but one does it more luxuriously than the other. I definitely had the feeling of using a luxury product (and liked it obvs!).  It’s £33 HERE. All the cleansers have the word ‘purifying’ on them and that’s a word often associated with oily or problem skin – it doesn’t apply in that way here and all skin types can use them, although I’d suggest if you are oily, the micellar is your better option, just as if you are dry, the lotion is your top pick.

NEW Dior Au Nymphea Cleansers

It’s funny isn’t it how you can completely forget about certain things – I’ve only recently started using a separate eye make up remover again (although I expect I’m like everyone else who just puts up with a terrible taste for a moment with a regular cleanser when it comes to lips!) and that’s because I’ve been hayfeverish and want something to just gently slide my mascara off rather than having to rub a bit. The bi-phase Au Nymphea Eye Make Up Remover is as good as you’d want it to be – it’s completely thorough and I didn’t even get ‘the film’. It’s main players are jojoba oil and cornflower water. It’s £29 HERE.

NEW Dior Au Nymphea Cleansers

Finally, a shout out to the Cleansing Milk which I loved. I really don’t see many milks these days but this one had the flexibility of an oil and left my skin feeling incredibly soft. You can either take it off with a damp cloth or with cotton pads – I chose the latter. I don’t think I’ve come across jasmine wax before but it’s used in skin care to soften and hold moisture to the skin and is a key ingredient in this formula. The cleanse was perfect, you can use it on eyelids too and it’s an absolute treat of a cleanser. It’s £33 HERE . You can imagine I’ve had the cleanest skin of my life having tested these three items over three days and in some ways I think it’s a shame that they look so pared back when the results are so good although in general I am an admirer of understated elegance.


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