Why would any right thinking married man use c0ndoms with his wife - Nigerian man asks

Why would any right thinking married man use c0ndoms with his wife – Nigerian man asks

It is because the average Nigerian man believes that cheating is his birthright and that his wife should be able to take it like a man, even though he is the man and cannot swallow such nonsense from her. Nothing like cheating on your wife to make her feel repulsed by your touch, especially if you are the type to be vexing with her because you have begged her and she does not want to hear. That is the psychology of a woman. You will just smell like shit to her. She will begin to disrespect you and mouth off at such a weak man that can’t control his lust and is even arrogant about it, and she will start wanting other men since you have shown her that she is not enough. If your wife is still crazy enough to be WILLING to have seggs with you after she caught you cheating, with you fighting her over your own cheating and demanding peace of mind from her after you caused all the lack of peace with your adultery, and she asks you to use condom, just say a big Amen because it means that she is not getting the sweet sex that she craves from another man that will use that condom on her. The condom puts a barrier between you both and helps her not vomit at the thought of having your bare skin inside her. Meanwhile, she is fantasizing that it is another man inside her, and not you or else she will literally vomit. Woman psychology 101. But seriously, it is because she does not want to birth another child for such an irresponsible man that will fight her over his own cheating. And most importantly, she does not want to catch disease, seeing as most Naija man can’t comprehend faithfulness in a marriage. You think everybody is dumb and is willing to expose themselves to a lifetime of nursing incurable disease like hepatitis B, herpes simplex virus (HSV), HIV and human papillomavirus (HPV)? This is the primary reason why married women insist on condom with their husband and it often applies to women who have no choice because their husband will not feed them if they do not obey him when he demands sex. She does not want to catch disease. These incurable diseases can be managed and that is if you have loads of money, but the psychological impact is what truly kills. Just knowing that there is incurable disease festering in your body is enough to cause a lifetime of depression. You will want to eat good food and remember the condition and the food will just taste like sand in your mouth, especially when you remember that the person that dashed you disease is just one random and meaningless girl that you didn’t even really like and whom you had sex with once or twice out of boredom. Just one sex with woman that looks clean with HPV and a lifetime is ruined. Side chicks seem to understand this only after they get married so while still in the market, oh my goodness, the things they get up to! in short, just know that the same side girl that you want to die between her thighs and give your entire income and you are fighting your faithful wife for, she is collecting semen and possibility of infection from 30 other men that also pay her bills. There is nothing like an exclusive side chick. She is doing tons of other silly married men like you. Your wife knows all of this because she is a woman— meaning that she was either a side chick or she knew plenty ladies who lived that lifestyle. Of course she knows that if you are a man that is dumb enough to stick your dick in a girl that knows that you are married, well, you are just one of 30 or 50 customers that are also literally sowing seed in the same girl and others in that circle. You barely see her so she has all the time to accommodate her other customers. Maybe because I run a lab and see the rate of depression after some women get their result, especially women in their second or third pregnancy that their husband dashed disease. I mean, you are faithful to your husband, did the standard tests for HIV with your first and second pregnancy and all of a sudden, third pregnancy and they are saying you have HIV? Some women repeat the test 10 times until acceptance sets in. Husbands and even wives need to be careful. It you are blessed enough to not have deadly disease after playing around so much, don’t jinx it. Leave boys and girls lifestyle for the small boys and small girls and face your spouse.

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